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About RKO Fiduciary Services & FAQs

   What is a Fiduciary?  
    A professional fiduciary is an independent licensed
    professional who either by agreement or court
    appointment has been selected to legally act on 
    behalf of another (the beneficiary) regarding their 
    specific needs which may include financial, 
    medical, personal care,  and in some instances,
    end of life decisions. 
    Fiduciaries assume a position of trust.  Their goal
    is to act in the best interest of each individual they
    represent.  Providing the least restrictive
    alternatives and caring out the beneficiaries wishes.
    A fiduciary may be  commonly referred as a 
    Trustee, Conservator, Guardian or Executor.  

    How are Professional Fiduciaries different?  
    Professional fiduciaries are 
licensed at the state
    and/or national level, thereby giving them the 
    ability to act on behalf of multiple people not related
    to them for a fee.  

    How Much Will It Cost? 
    In most situations, RKO Fiduciary Services, charges 
    for services based on an  hourly rates, plus hard costs, 
    travel time, and services contracted for the benefit of the

     It is our practice to discuss service and rates upfront so
     that we are all on the same page.

    In matters before the court, the court makes the final 
    determination regarding reasonable fees paid to the 

    Why Use A Professional Fiduciary? 

    Professional fiduciaries specialize in managing and 
    understanding the complexities surrounding life's 
    difficult, unexpected and transitional issues.  

    Regardless of the size of the estate/trust, their 
    expertise can be a cost savings not only in time and 
    efficiency, but in knowing the legal terrain that is 
    typically associated with these situations. 
    When there are already existing tense or difficult 
     circumstances amongst family or beneficiaries, 
     professional fiduciaries know how to deal with these
     situations and can act as an independent third-party 
     to minimize further problems.

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    Why RKO Fiduciary Services? 

    At RKO Fiduciary Services we  understand that no 
    two situations are ever the same.  In working with 
    our clients, we take the time to learn and understand
    the unique circumstances of each individual; then,
    tailor our personal services to maximize those needs.
    We poses a high level of compassion, integrity and 
    loyalty to each of our clients.   As a team of highly 
    skilled professionals,  our experience and knowledge
    is invaluable.  We maintain great relationships 
    throughout the industry with specialized resources 
    to best serve our clients' needs.

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    RKO Fiduciary Services is licensed in the state of
    California as a professional fiduciary (CLPF
), and a 
    National Certified Guardian (NCG).  We provide 
    professional fiduciary services in the Greater 
    Los Angeles area; although we will consider situations 
    outside the state of California on a case-by-case basis

    We have extensive knowledge in property management
    along with a diverse background as an investment 
    advisor and personal care management.




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