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RKO Fiduciary Services

    RKO Fiduciary Services  assists a wide 
    variety of  individuals with varying needs across all
     ages.       Our goal is to provide the necessary 
    assistance to each of our clients so they may lead as 
    independent and full  lives as possible.
                                        We can assist in the following areas.  
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Trustee •  Conservatorships  •  Estate Administration   
Guardian •  Agent Under Power of Attorney   
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   TRUSTEE :     

    A trustee can be private or court appointed.  The trustee is bound by the trust
    document wherein the trustee must carry out and administer the trust as the 
    terms dictate.  This may include safeguarding the trust assets, investing monies, 
    buying or selling property.

Special Needs Trust (SNT), Assets segregated into a SNT serve the purpose of supplementing the disabled person to enhance their lives where other resources they are getting do not cover.  The trustee serves to oversee and administer the trust document as outlined for the person with disabilities.  

Successor Trustee
, when the original trustee is not able to act - another trustee needs to be appointed.

              Trust Management, there are other types of trusts wherein
               the trust needs to be managed in accordance with the trust 
               document.  In part, these may include, but not limited to:
                        º Insurance Trusts - Typically a result of a lawsuit 
                        º Trust Administration - As the result of the death of 
                            the trustor, the trustee carries out the wishes set forth
                            in the trust agreement distribution. 
                        º Charitable Remainder Trusts - An agreement 
                            wherein assets or property is donated to a non-profit 
                            organization and as agreed the donor continues to use
                            the asset by living in, or receiving payment for a period
                            of time.
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    Appointed and overseen by the probate court, a conservator oversees the financial, 
    or personal affairs of an adult (called the Conservatee) who has been deemed unable 
    to act  for themselves.  Depending on the needs of the conservatee, the court can 
    appoint a conservator in one or both of the following capacities with the same person 
    or different representatives being appointed for each: 

      • Conservator of the Estate (COE), has the responsibility to prudently manage the financial affairs, including inventorying, marshaling, and managing the conservatees' assets.      
      •  Conservator of the Person (COP), cares and protects the person making sure they have proper food, clothing, shelter, health care, and depending on the mental capacity of the  conservatee may even make important end of life decisions. 

        Successor Conservatorfor various reasons a replacement or successor
        conservator may need to step in, RKO Fiduciary Services is experienced in 
        stepping in as a successor.

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    Entrusted to oversee a decedents last wishes in distributing and disposing of assets, 
    finalize payment of debts, pay creditors, and filing taxes.

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    There are several types of Powers of Attorney that a capacitated person can execute 
    in preparation for the future; RKO Fiduciary Services can act.

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    A legal guardian is someone other than the biological parents that has been 
    appointed by the court to oversee the benefits of a person under the age of 18.

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    We can assist in other areas regarding your specific circumstances; or, gladly provide 
    a referral if we are unfamiliar with or, if your needs go beyond the scope of the services 
    we provide.    

·  Veterans Administration (VA) Rep Payee
       ·  Social Security (SS) Rep Payee
       ·  Daily Money Management
       ·  Long Distance Care Management
       ·  Surviving Spouse Assistance

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    RKO Fiduciary Services works with clients on a sliding scale.   Our fees are reasonable 
    and inline with industry standards.  Prior to services being rendered, fees are clarified 
    in advance and in writing.  Matters before the court are subject to determination by the
    probate code.   As a Rep-Payee 
fees are set by the governing agency.

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